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So you know how I used to do playlists and Pinterest pages for new projects and then kind of stopped doing that because it was a time-suck?

I’m doing it again!

But only because I know how thirsty some of you are for info and clues about The Thirteenth Month. To satisfy your nosiness, I started a Pinterest page for the book HERE—>

And I also put up a Spotify playlist of music I was listening to while I was writing, and you can find that HERE —>

I encourage you to check both of those out if you want some insight to the book and what the vibe is.


So Gen and I were going over numbers the other day and we noticed a curious thing. There are A LOT of people who read Dawn Caravan that did NOT read The Bone Scroll, like more than usually drops off from one book to the next. (There’s always some.)

Now that could be because they didn’t like the direction I took the series with Ben and Tenzin (totally fair) or it’s also very possible that book piracy played a part because that book was ripped off and pirated A TON. (not cool)

Buuuuuut this was also right around the time that Facebook and Amazon were screwing with their algorithms. So JUST IN CASE you didn’t realize that Ben and Tenzin had a book or two after Dawn Caravan, I wanted to point out that there are these two. And you can buy them. That is all.


I have started the process of going wide with my audiobooks! That means you’ll be able to buy them on larger platforms like Audible and Apple Books, but they also will be available on Spotify and in many library systems (though you may have to ask your librarian to buy them.) Right now, the only audio that is wide is the Glimmer Lake series and Beneath a Waning Moon, my collaboration with Grace Draven, but more will be available in the future.

I also am considering selling audio directly via Bookfunnel, which has an app where readers can read books and listen to audiobooks. all on one app! I’ll let you know more in the future as I decide what that might look like.

Don’t forget that DUST BORN is available to preorder at Amazon right now!

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