Reading Order

(Chronological for listed series.)

The Elemental Universe

1 - Hidden Fire

Elemental Mysteries, Book 1

The explosive international bestseller where history, romance, and the paranormal collide.

2 - This Same Earth

Elemental Mysteries, Book 2

Beatrice De Novo thought she’d left the vampire world behind her.

3 - The Force of Wind

Elemental Mysteries, Book 3

How far would you go to protect the ones you love? What would you sacrifice to kill the one you hate?

4 - A Fall of Water

Elemental Mysteries, Book 4

Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water finally meet with devastating results in the conclusion of the Elemental Mysteries.

5 - Building from Ashes

Elemental World, Book 1

For a thousand years, earth vampire Carwyn ap Bryn has sacrificed for the good of others. But tragedy rips his world apart, causing him to question everything about his eternity.

6 - Waterlocked

Elemental World, Novella I

‘wa-ter-locked’ adjective Definition: enclosed entirely, or almost entirely, by water

7 - Blood & Sand

Elemental World, Book 2

Can a human and a vampire work together to solve a heinous crime?

8 - The Bronze Blade

Elemental World, Novella II

“You may call me Tenzin, if you like.”

9 - Shadows & Gold

Elemental Legacy, Novella I

When has travel with a five-thousand-year-old wind vampire ever been simple?

10 - The Scarlet Deep

Elemental World, Book 3

Behind the facade of politics, old hungers still burn, even as an ancient power threatens the fate of the Elemental World.

11 - A Very Proper Monster

Elemental World, Novella III

Can a love fated to end in tragedy survive a looming grave?

12 - Imitation and Alchemy

Elemental Legacy, Novella II

All Ben Vecchio wanted was a quiet summer before his last semester of university. Was that too much to ask?

13 - A Stone Kissed Sea

Elemental World, Book 4

Finding answers has never been more vital. Finding love has never been more deadly.

14 - Omens and Artifacts

Elemental Legacy, Novella III

In the elemental world, reputation is everything, but gaining it can get you killed.

15 - Midnight Labyrinth

Elemental Legacy, Book 1

He’s one human caught in a tangled maze of theft, politics, magic, and blood. In other words, it’s just another night.

16 - The Stars Afire

Elemental Mysteries Short Story and Novella Anthology

An anthology of short fiction featuring your favorite characters from the Elemental Mysteries.

17 - Blood Apprentice

Elemental Legacy, Book 2

If you’re a human in a vampire’s world, nothing goes according to plan.

18 - The Devil & the Dancer

Elemental Legacy, Novella IV

Chloe Reardon has a problem, and his name is Gavin Wallace.

19 - Night’s Reckoning

Elemental Legacy, Book 3

In time, even the deep gives up its secrets.

20 - Valley of the Shadow

Elemental World Holiday Novella

Five couples, four kids, three weeks, two paths… and a partridge in a pear tree?

21 - Dawn Caravan

Elemental Legacy, Book 4

After this night, dawn can’t come fast enough.

22 - Saint’s Passage

Elemental Covenant, Book 1

Everyone said that Lupe Martínez was a good kid. She had a bright future ahead of her.  Until she disappeared.


23 - The Bone Scroll

Elemental Legacy, Book 5

Finding it could cost them everything. Wielding it could mean their end.


24 - Martyr’s Promise

Elemental Covenant, Book 2

Tensions between vampire clans might just snap, leaving more than just the immortal world bloody.


25 - The Dancer & the Dark

Elemental Legacy, Novella V

Gavin Wallace has a problem, and her name is Chloe Reardon.


26 - Paladin’s Kiss

Elemental Covenant, Book 3

In a tenuously balanced society full of apex predators; even one slip can prove disastrous.


27 - Pearl Sky

Elemental Legacy, Book 6

“If you want to make something new, my Benjamin, be wary of what you unmake in the process.”


28 - Bishop's Flight

Elemental Covenant, Book 4

The sins of the past will burn you.


Cambio Springs

1 - Long Ride Home

Cambio Springs, Novella I

In Cambio Springs, everything—and everyone—changes.

2 - Shifting Dreams

Cambio Springs, Book 1

Changes are coming to the tiny desert town of shapeshifters. Changes not everyone will welcome.

3 - Five Mornings

Cambio Springs, Novella II

One morning can change everything. Five mornings can change a life.

4 - Desert Bound

Cambio Springs, Book 2

Can the love they once shared burn again when so many stand against it?

5 - Waking Hearts

Cambio Springs, Book 3

With danger licking the borders of Cambio Springs, the bear and the fox will have to work together. And twenty years of unspoken passion may finally come to light.

6 - Dust Born

Cambio Springs, Book 4

Ever since Juniper Hawkins came to Cambio Springs to visit her big brother, strange things keep happening.

The Irin Chronicles

1 - The Scribe

The Irin Chronicles, Book 1

“We’re all immortal, as long as our stories are told.” 

2 - The Singer

The Irin Chronicles, Book 2

Hidden at the crossroads of the world, an ancient race battles to protect humanity, even as it dies from within.

3 - The Secret

The Irin Chronicles, Book 3

Ava and Malachi have survived the darkness, but will they ever discover the light?

4 - On a Clear Winter Night

The Irin Chronicles, Holiday Novella

The Irin might not celebrate Christmas, but that doesn’t mean Ava has to give up on the holidays.

5 - The Staff & the Blade

The Irin Chronicles, Book 4

“She hates me as she loves me. Wholly and completely. Sari never does anything by halves.”

6 - The Silent

The Irin Chronicles, Book 5

They are called kareshta, the silent ones.

But the silent are waking.

7 - The Storm

The Irin Chronicles, Book 6

The past is inescapable, but can it be overcome? Is it possible to build a future of happiness from a foundation of pain?

8 - The Seeker

The Irin Chronicles, Book 7

He’s a scribe looking for answers. If only a cagey—and frustratingly attractive—singer will let him help.

Seba Segel

1 - The Thirteenth Month

Seba Segel, Book 1

Never, ever travel during the thirteenth month.

Love Stories on 7th & Main

1 - Ink

Love Stories on 7th and Main, Book 1

It’s everything but business as usual.

2 - Hooked

Love Stories on 7th and Main, Book 2

She’s in high heels; he wears hiking boots. Can these two opposites make romance in Metlin work?

3 - Grit

Love Stories on 7th and Main, Book 3

He’s been patient; she’s been busy. Patience is running out.

4 - Sweet

Love Stories on 7th and Main, Book 4

He survived by always being in control. She’s about to make him melt.

Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Glimmer Lake

1 - Suddenly Psychic

Glimmer Lake, Book 1

Every woman goes through changes in their forties. Just not… these changes.

2 - Semi-Psychic Life

Glimmer Lake, Book 2

Who says you can’t live the rock and roll life after forty?  You just need a lot more vitamins and a bigger bottle of aspirin.

3 - Psychic Dreams

Glimmer Lake, Book 3

Monica has a new business, a new wardrobe, and a new vision for the future.  As in, actual psychic visions.

Moonstone Cove

1 - Runaway Fate

Moonstone Cove, Book 1

A professor, a housewife, and a mechanic walk into a gym… and walk out as partners in a twist of fate they never saw coming!

2 - Fate Actually

Moonstone Cove, Book 2

Fate handed Toni a shot of supernatural empathy that threw all that out the window of her prized vintage Ford.

3 - Fate Interrupted

Moonstone Cove, Book 3

She had her life all planned out; fate had other ideas.

Vista de Lirio Mysteries

1 - Double Vision

Vista de Lirio Mysteries, Book 1

Julia’s semi-retirement is spoiled when she finds the body of the neighborhood lothario dead in the kitchen of her brand new listing.

2 - Mirror Obscure

Vista de Lirio Mysteries, Book 2

Dr. Vivian Wei is juggling multiple life changing events when her aging mother witnesses a violent death on the thirteenth tee.

3 - Trouble Play

Vista de Lirio Mysteries, Book 3

When high stakes competition leads to gruesome murder, EV Lane is going to need every telepathic power at her disposal.

Other Fiction

Linx & Bogie

1 - A Ghost in the Glamour

Linx & Bogie, Book 1

Frank doesn’t like his afterlife any more than Linx does. He just doesn’t know how to leave.

2 - A Bogie in the Boat

Linx & Bogie, Book 2

You know what doesn’t go down well with morning coffee? A body in a canal.