Linx Maxwell’s life is on the verge of greatness. If only she could get rid of the ghost who’s plagued her since the eighth grade.

A Ghost in the Glamour

Book 1

Living. With ghosts.

Linx Maxwell is on the verge of greatness. She’s finally graduated from street fairs and hopping chain-link to making art that pays the bills. Her family life is… not dull. And it looks like her van might just be able to exist on hope and duct tape. If only she could get rid of the ghost who’s plagued her since the eighth grade.

Frank Bogle is a detective who lost his life in the line of duty. Everyone on the other side knows that the Maxwell women are the best mediums in the business, but did he have to get attached to the one whose hair had been attacked by a Weedwacker?

Frank doesn’t like his afterlife any more than Linx does. He just doesn’t know how to leave.


A Bogie in the Boat

Book 2

You know what doesn’t go down well with morning coffee? A body in a canal.

When a neighbor finds a grim discovery in the waterways of Venice Beach, Linx Maxwell gets an unexpected visitor in the form of a new ghost. The only problem? Her new ghost doesn’t see eye to eye with her old one.

Detective Frank Bogle doesn’t know what to make of the young victim. Haunting Linx is his job, and he doesn’t want company. All the same, he can hardly deny that the excitement of an unsolved crime intrigues him. The new ghost claims he was murdered—and the trail leads right to the home of Linx’s new client.

Two ghosts? One is bad enough! Linx will do anything to get rid of the unwelcome company, including snooping around a tech millionaire’s house, posing as the victim’s girlfriend, and catching the attention of the very handsome—and very alive—Detective Lee.


Standalone Novels

Worlds Apart

Love was not on the itinerary.

Sunny Randolph set off to find adventure visiting a friend in Kenya, but while she thought she’d packed for everything, there was one unexpected twist she never saw coming.

Martin Karanja had his hands full with the staff and guests of Karanja Safari, so fighting an unexpected attraction to a guest from America was last on his to-do list.

Sometimes, love finds you when you least expect it. And sometimes real love happens. Even worlds apart.

Worlds Apart is a contemporary romance novella by eleven-time USA Today bestselling author, Elizabeth Hunter.

The Genius and the Muse

A student photographer looks for her artistic idol and discovers a mystery and a romance she never expected.

A senior project leads Kate Mitchell to investigate the elusive photographer Reed O’Connor. As she navigates threads of the past, her search leads her to Javier Lugo, a cranky sculptor who may be her ticket into O’Connor’s tight-knit circle of artists, friends, and followers.

Javi doesn’t have time for amateurs, but he can’t seem to shake his fascination with Kate. Digging into the past can be painful, but if that means spending more time with the challenging and irritating young woman, Javi might be able to put up with it.

The Genius and the Muse is a stand-alone romance by Elizabeth Hunter, author of Love Stories on 7th and Main, Worlds Apart, and other works of fiction.


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