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Sean Quinn returned to Cambio Springs to help his family find their way out of trouble—not uncommon in this desert town of shapeshifters—but before he can hit the road again, a new threat emerges on the border of his family home, a threat that could leave Sean stuck in the Springs just when he’s most desperate to leave.

And one unsuspecting human might be stuck right there with him.

Ever since Juniper Hawkins came to Cambio Springs to visit her big brother, strange things keep happening, not the least was running into the man who’d almost made her change her wandering ways. Juni wasn’t the kind of woman who settled down, even when the object of her affection was a tall, dark, and handsome photographer who kissed her senseless then abandoned her in Southeast Asia.

Not that she was still irritated about that.

DUST BORN is a brand new novel in the Cambio Springs Mysteries, a paranormal romance series by ten time USA Today Bestselling author, Elizabeth Hunter.

Here’s a little book trailer video I put together for you. Just know that the desert is about to get a little bit weirder. I’m older than the last time I wrote a Cambio Springs book, that means I’m weirder. That means Sean’s book is going to get the Weird Old Author treatment and I won’t apologize for it.




Joking aside, I am so excited to finally be writing this book, and I sincerely hope that all the people who have been battering my email inbox FOR LITERALLY YEARS are going to preorder it so I know that people actually really do want it.

I’m serious. You all better preorder this sucker because you’ve been loud as heck.

A couple questions I’m anticipating:


Yes, but I won’t be able to set that up until much closer to release.


That will entirely depend on how good sales are. IF I do audio for this book, I’ll probably self-publish it, which means that the narrator may change. That’s just how it works.


It will be available in Kindle Unlimited, so if you want to wait and borrow it instead of buy, then please do that. I’m only (mostly) joking about the preorder numbers.


If you want it available at other retailers, leave me a note in the comments. I’m trying to gauge interest to see if it’s worth the bother of doing some kind of presale wide.

Short story news!

The short stories in the series have gotten the new cover treatment as well, and I’ll be publishing a new Sean and Juni story in the next couple months. Once that is finished, I’ll be bundling all of them and doing a proper little anthology that I can publish in paperback too, so you can have it in that format.

News to come on that front later.

Mystery book is mysterious.

So what’s going on with The Thirteenth Month?

Well, I have decided that I’m going to be self-publishing it, so be glad that you won’t have to wait forever for that. The original idea was that it would be ready to go around April or May, but though the book is finished, I am doing revisions and sending it to ALL THE READERS and editors. (Because I’m neurotic.)

It’s a new genre. It’s sci-fi. It’s fantasy. It’s time-travel. I’m being extra with this one and I’m not going to apologize for that. This book is important to me, so I really want to take care and make it the best it possibly can be.

Will there be a preorder? There might not be, or if there is, it’ll be really short. A lot about this book is going to depend on reader and editor feedback. It’s a brand new property, so I don’t want to put a hard timetable on it, which I would have to do if I set up a preorder. I’ll keep you in the know as much as I can.

You can finally get the new paperbacks at Barnes & Noble!!! Don’t forget, I’m self-published, so if you want these at your local store, you’ll have to go in and order them directly. BUT these are also available for libraries to order now, so if you want to let your librarians know, please do!

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  1. Nina Baj

    All my other Cambio Springs books were bought from Barnes and Nobles, so I was kinda hoping to get Dust Born there too. But it’s not that big a deal if it just creates problems for you. I have both apps on my iPad anyway and I’m just so happy and thankful to get this story!


    I am reading Dust Born right now. Please don’t make it the last book in this series. There are way more stories to tell…Maggie, Willow,
    Josie finding new love…I will be so sad if I don’t get to visit Cambio Springs again!


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