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Tin God is coming at you, along with a new release for romance (and food) lovers!

The Northern Lights have been everywhere this week and I think it’s a SIGN! That’s right, it’s a sign that Tin God is going to be amazing, and I AM going to finish it this week. I’m thisclose to the end, and it’s kind of frustrating because I’m at that stage in the book that ALL I WANT TO DO IS WRITE and yet I have other things that also have to get done this week, like moving my son home from the dorms after his freshman year (he’s officially a college sophomore now!) trying to find an electrician that can understand the wiring on my very old house, and releasing a BRAND NEW ROMANCE!

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That’s right, for lovers of spicy situations, good barbecue, and sweet HEAs, Turning Up the Heat is finally here, and you can borrow it for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

One explosive night could change everything for two culinary hotshots and make them question everything they think they want. Turning Up the Heat is a steamy, stand-alone romance for lovers of sizzling chemistry, mouthwatering food, and sweet happily-ever-afters.

So did anyone see the Northern Lights this week? WE TRIED. We drove out to the country country at midnight and tried to see anything away from the city lights, but alas, we struck out. We didn’t hear about it until Saturday night, so we missed the strongest ones, but I have been LOVING seeing all the pictures from everyone on social media. My cousin is a commercial pilot and got some absolutely gorgeous pics from over Chicago and Kentucky. Absolutely stunning.

And now here’s your teaser!
From TIN GOD, coming JULY 16th

This time, they traveled by water, and Brigid’s usual aversion to that mode of transport was the last thing on her mind. Tenzin, Brigid, and Lev caught a boat at Oleg’s dock and sped across the waters of the Cook Inlet in a fast boat, heading toward the open water and the tip of the Kennai Peninsula where the gusting wind and churning sea battered their vessel, even with a water vampire standing at the bow.

Brigid glanced at Tenzin. “I’m surprised you’re not flying.”

Tenzin sat next to her in the enclosed cabin. “I don’t mind boats.”

“Ben hates them.”

Tenzin shrugged. “That’s probably my fault. I trapped him on a freighter for several weeks once.”

Brigid blinked. “Why?”

“He needed to practice his Mandarin.” She leaned forward and spoke to Lev. “Why didn’t your men bring this human back to Oleg’s camp if he’s injured?”

Brigid answered. “Mika said he shouldn’t be moved. He’s elderly, and he managed to keep himself alive despite the blood loss, but survival is still in question.”

“Sheer spite,” Lev said. “That’s what my men said. The human was alive purely from spite.”

Brigid glanced at Tenzin. “You could probably move him with the least damage.”

“I can try if he’ll let me,” she said. “The men who found him obviously couldn’t fly.”

Lev said, “Oleg says he can’t be moved to a human facility. There would be too many questions about his injuries.”

“Fuck that,” Brigid said. “I’m not letting anyone die because Oleg doesn’t want inconvenient questions.”

“It’s not a problem,” Lev was quick to add. “We have a clinic we use near Seward. If he survives being moved, they can help him.”

“Human doctors are butchers,” Tenzin muttered. “But I’ll try to fly him there if he’ll let me. If he fights me, though, I’ll drop him in the ocean.”

Lev laughed, as if he thought Tenzin was joking.

Brigid knew she probably wasn’t.

She didn’t like any of it. She didn’t trust Tenzin’s opinion of human doctors since she thought all of them were frauds, but since Brigid couldn’t oversee this human’s healing herself and she had no way to transport him, there was nothing she could do. She didn’t even know if healing was an option.

“The only survivor,” Brigid muttered. “How did he manage?”

“Apparently they thought he was too far gone, so they flew him out over the water to dump his body, and he survived the fall, then swam to shore.”

Brigid’s eyes went wide. “In this water?”

Tenzin nodded, clearly impressed.

Lev shrugged. “I told you. Sheer spite and a lot of vodka.”

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, that was either severe spite or truly miraculous vodka.

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The explosive finale of the Elemental Covenant series by eleven-time USA Today bestselling author, Elizabeth Hunter.

Everything comes to an end.

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Brigid Connor is a vampire familiar with ghosts. The ghosts of her past, the ghosts of her victims, and the ghosts of those she couldn’t save. Now in the wilds of America’s most remote frontier, she’ll face a specter who has haunted her steps, a fire vampire with a baffling connection to Brigid’s mate, her clan, and those she holds most dear.

Tenzin is an immortal who has lived a hundred lives. She’s been a daughter, a sister, a villain, and a hero. With every millennium, she has evolved, cutting ties with the past and moving forward with relentless focus, a survivor among the fiercest predators in history.

But history has a way of finding those who flee from it.

Tin God is a crossover between the Elemental Covenant and the Elemental Legacy novels. It is the final book in the Elemental Covenant series by eleven-time USA Today bestselling author Elizabeth Hunter.

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