Just in time for spooky season!

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Robin, Val, and Monica are everywhere!

Psychic shenanigans, female friendship, and a little bit of romance too.

That’s right, my very first paranormal women’s fiction series is going wide. This series has been almost exclusively in Kindle Unlimited, but I’m making them available on all platforms (including libraries!) so please check your favorite retailer. For a limited time, I’m making Suddenly Psychic only $2.99!

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Holiday novella, you say?

Giovanni and Beatrice, you say?

That’s right, Giovanni and Beatrice are back in a holiday novella adventure I’ve titled Fangs, Frost, and Folios! It’s an all new literary mystery with your favorite vampire book detectives. Ben and Tenzin will make a guest appearance or two, so I hope you’re excited to check it out! It will release December 5th and I should have a preorder link for you soon. And if you’ve never read my very first series, what are you waiting for? It’s available at all retailers and even has this nifty box set for only $9.99 which is about 50% off retail.






Teaser time!!! Sean and Juni are at the editor right now, which means I can share some juicy snake-shifter drama with you. wink

Sean was sitting across from her, looking dangerous and tempting. He set her feet in his lap and his eyes were intent on her face when he mouthed, Rani?

Juni nodded. “Sean’s with me.” And not quite rubbing my feet, but definitely holding them. In his lap. With his thumb in the arch and why was that sexy?

“He better not be in any pictures you take,” Rani bit out. “Especially at Esencia. I’ve been insinuating to people that he’s in rehab for exhaustion and various unnamed mental stress issues.”

She pressed her lips together to stop the smile. “I promise I won’t put him in any pics. Maybe he can do the Desert Haven job with me though.” She wiggled her eyebrows at Sean, but her heart was flipping in her chest. Her feet were in his lap. Like, in his lap. Near his crotch. In fact, if she wanted to be evil…

The corner of her mouth turned up and she angled her foot a few inches toward his dick before Sean caught it up and pinched her heel. “Juni.”

His voice was a warning, and she almost burst into laughter at the annoyed look on his face. He was almost smiling though. Just a little bit.

“Are you flirting with Sean Quinn while you’re on the phone with me?” Rani asked.

“Absolutely not.”

He pressed his thumb into the arch of her foot and she nearly fell out of her chair.

Fuck, that was so good. “Rani, just drop my name in their publicity person’s ear and see what kind of room I can get okay?”

His teasing fingers slid up and around her ankle, caressing the curve of her leg with a single long finger that made her question every resolution she’d ever made about him.

Lies? What lies?

Who cared if he had complicated family history?

Purely sexual flings were underrated.

“Hang up the phone,” he whispered.

“Rani, I’ll text you if I hear from them, okay? And…” Her eyes started to cross. “Yeah, go ahead and book me at Desert Haven for a feature next week or something.”

“I’ll see what they suggest,” her editor said. “Say hi to Sean and tell him to get his ass back to work.”

“Uh huh.” She tapped her screen and set her phone down on the glass table surrounded by four sad chairs. “You’re infuriating.”

“I’m not the one with boundary issues.” Sean continued to rub her foot. “Aren’t you the one who always barged into my hotel rooms? And my hometown, for that matter?”

“I didn’t actually know it was your hometown because you never told me where you were from.”

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